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Our company has served your neighbors throughout the Swanton area since 1997. We are a licensed, insured and Owens Corning Preferred Contractor.

DID YOU KNOW : By Gene Wilson

GA Wilson Builders Did you know if your house was built before 1978, your contractor has to be EPA Lead Safe Certified? It's a law. Is your contractor EPA Lead Safe? WE ARE!! If your contractor is not, you and your children could be at risk and the contractor could face fines up to $35,000 and probably not able to finish your job. www.lead-safe-certified.com Did you know there is no real Contractor License

Required to do work on your home? Most local towns only require you to buy a permit to work in their town, contractors call this a license. The only real Contractor's License available in NW Ohio is obtained through the City o f Toledo , where they actually require a very stringent testing and continuing education. Call the Toledo Building Dept. and you will find that very few are truly licensed. 419-245-1210 BUT WE ARE !!

Do you know what being BONDED is? Probably not, but it sounds good doesn't it? No one is Bonded in residential construction. A bond is a guarantee, from an insurance company, that guarantee's you that your job will get done and done for the price quoted. Bonding is only done in commercial, industrial and government jobs, not residential. You have to purchase a bond for each individual job. It just doesn't happen in home remodeling because it is very expensive. If your contractor tells you he's bonded, ask to see the bond for your job. You can Google bonding in construction. We are not bonded, but look at our BBB rating and decide for yourself if you think we will complete your job. GA Wilson Builders has an A+ rating with the BBB.