Save Money by Scheduling a Reroofing Appointment

Reroofing gives your roof a second chance in Swanton, OH

Are you constantly spending money on roof repairs? Save money and increase the life of your roof by scheduling a reroofing appointment. If your roof has never been reroofed, this could be a perfect solution for your home.

G.A. Wilson Builders can take care of any reroofing project in Swanton, OH. We'll make sure that your roof is supported by the new section of roof to avoid any leaks or potential issues. Speak with a roofer from our crew today to learn more about our reroofing services.

Our reroofing process

Our reroofing process

Although reroofing sounds complex, it's a fairly simple process. You can count on us because we'll:

  • Obtain the proper permits
  • Help you choose the right type of shingles
  • Determine how many shingles we need to complete the job
  • Prepare the roof before installing the new section
  • Remove any damaged shingles
  • Clean the roof
  • Weather the roof
  • Install the new shingles

Our process will take care of any damaged sections and replace it with a new roof section. Rely on us when you need a roofing contractor to replace a section of your roof. If you want to learn more about our process, call 419-865-1799 now.